Friday, 17 June 2011

To blog or not to blog ...

... a few of us would be asking this question today as we embark on our blogging course for beginners.  I told a friend I had bravely taken the plunge and enrolled, she said she didn't think she'd have anything to say.  Interesting I thought, she has five qualifications...her degree, diploma of education, masters, graduate diploma and TESL.  So if she doesn't think she has anything to say, why do I?  Who knows?  Therein lies the question ... what will I write about? 

As a vegetarian I could write about how easy it is for me to go to dinner, my choice is always easy. While friends drool over the menu, my choice is quick and at times I'm left uninspired ... like the vegetarian pasta I ordered at a leading restaurant yesterday. It was soggy, had far too many tomatoes and how could I forget the cold broccolini, which I ate as it was the better option.  It went well with the 6-8 half inch pieces of nearly grey asparagus that fought to stand out in amongst the tomato and strings of spaghetti.  But, as the eternal optimist I felt lucky - as at least it wasn't swimming in oil like last time.  If there's two choices on the menu I'm ecstatic.

I could write about a possible move interstate to start a new life.  It was a great idea at first, but now that I've seen a house I like and have a real estate agent calling me ... I've given him the friendly nickname of Stalking Stuart.  I added him to my phone, so now I know it's him ... I told him as it's best to be honest about these things ... but he tried to trick me yesterday and called me from work ... but I was onto him!

Or I could write about the itch that needs to be scratched ... a creative urge  for words to leave my brain and how I should get them to somehow transfer onto paper or screen.

Lurking about the internet on a rainy night, I discovered a piece on one of those magazine shows on blogging ... it was about the blogosphere which I was about to join.  I knew I wouldn't be alone, but I didn't know there would be more than 130 million of us.  The piece describes this electronic world as an increasingly nasty and dangerous place ... in fact a minefield of information.  It seems the lines between fact and fiction are becoming increasingly blurred, sometimes with encouragement from the powers who think they are ... I'm not a media analyst and I won't be taking steps to distinguish between facts in a blog or fiction in a flog. 

I don't know what my blog will be about yet, but I do know it will be about the journey I'm ready to begin.